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For centuries, Britain’s capital has been an epicentre of art, culture, and entertainment. From the British Museum to the Old Vic Theatre, London has more than its fair share of world-renowned cultural and entertainment venues.

This website is devoted to all things about London and its rich and varied cultural life. Here, readers, both from the UK and elsewhere, can find loads of valuable cultural information about Britain’s inimitable capital.

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The Five Best Museums in London

3 Oct 2021

London is one of the world's cultural capitals and one of the most influential cities ever. There are so many things to do, and visiting the museums there is no exception. There are loads of museums to see, so which ones are the best? Here are five museums we’ve picked to be the best of the best in London. But be sure to have wifi on your trip - you don’t want to miss checking your trading online.

British Museum

Considered the world’s first public national museum, the British Museum in Bloomsbury has got over eight million fascinating attractions to see, including:

  • Mummy of Katebet
  • Samurai armour from Medieval Japan
  • And the famous Rosetta Stone

Due to its age, it’s clear the British Museum has got a wide variety of attractions to see, and this makes the museum one of the best to visit.

Natural History Museum

For those who want to learn about nature, the Natural History Museum in South Kensington is a brilliant place with loads of fulfilling information about how the dinosaurs disappeared. Not only that, but you can learn about dinosaur history in four languages- English, Spanish, French, and Italian. If you or a loved one are a big fan of dinosaurs, then this museum is the perfect place for you!

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes is an integral part of British literature, so it’s no wonder there’s a museum dedicated to the famous detective! At this museum, you can walk through the actual sites that author Arthur Conan Doyle, including:

  • Where Watson and Holmes first meet
  • Gentlemen’s clubs
  • Grand hotels
  • And the various film and TV locations

Fans of the Sherlock Holmes series are sure to have a magnificent time visiting the museum and walking through the famous detective’s world!

National Maritime Museum

The British navy has had a massive influence on the world, and this museum in Greenwich showcases over 500 years and over two million artefacts inside! It is also the world’s largest maritime museum and includes:

  • The Battle of Trafalgar painting by J.M.W. Turner
  • Horatio Nelson’s jacket in 1805
  • And the Atlantic Slave Trade Gallery

With over 500 years of history, it’s safe to say that the National Maritime Museum is one of the best museums to visit in London!

Victoria and Albert Museum

Do you love art? If so, then the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington is considered one of the world’s leading museums in art and design. This excellent museum has over two million separate artefacts across 145 galleries and spans over 5.000 years! Not only that, but you can also see the earliest British, African, and Asian art and the most extensive collection of Renaissance paintings outside of Italy!

For art fans worldwide, the Victoria and Albert Museum is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit.

Conclusion London is one of the world's cultural capitals, and these five brilliant museums are the reason for this.

Popular Bars in London, UK

20 Jul 2021

Bars are some of the most popular hangouts among Londoners. Whether it is to meet up with friends or unwind after an ordinary day at work, London has a great bar culture and various delectable beverages to choose from. Here are some of the options you can enjoy in London, whether with a company or alone, playing online slots on your mobile.

Golden Gai

Located in West London, this bar offers Italian-Japanese-style cocktails. It’s primarily inspired by the flavours of the Golden Gai district in Tokyo, Japan. The ambience is of a dimly lit place with Japanese lanterns with lively backlights behind the bar. Some of the drinks you can try are Barbaro Fresco, Montanaro Rosso, and Fuji-San. They also have oxidised wines on the menu. There are various bar snacks to try, such as lotus crisps, antipasto bento, and piadine.

If you like something fun and offbeat, Golden Gai is worth a visit.

Spiritland, King’s Cross

If you are a music fan, this café and bar at King’s Cross, North London, is the place for you. It boasts a state-of-the-art audio system. Every night, a different DJ plays live music for the audience seated in comfy retro chairs. There’s no dancefloor as it’s not a nightclub. It’s a café by the day, where you can get your regular lattes and also cold-pressed green juice. Once the pub opens, you can enjoy unique cocktails such as the Red Clay or the Man Child. There’s also craft beer and sakes on the list.

Both the café and pub have a decent food and desserts menu. To enjoy Spiritland, you don’t necessarily have to be a music lover. The drinks and food are well worth the visit.

Crossroads, Camden

A recent bar in Camden town, Crossroads, follows a zero-waste concept. It’s located under the Camden Town Bridge’s junction. They have classy cocktails and also their signature cocktails like Cairo and the Tale of Two Cities. The owners of the bar built it, focusing on the community and sustainability needs. The food menu is short, in line with the zero-waste culture.

Diogenes the Dog, Elephant and Castle

If you’re a wine lover and always looking for something new, you won’t be disappointed with this one. They have a continuously changing list of curated wines on the menu. You can get anything from Champagne, red from Shanxi, China; a citrusy white from Texas; or an orange from the Czech Republic. The staff is thoroughly trained and have the menu knowledge. The snacks consist of cheese options, sourdough toastie, and burrata, among many other options.

Hide Below

Hide below is a bar below the Michelin-star restaurant, Hide. The bar is accented with polished walls, rust-coloured leather, and thick wood. The lengthy wine list is thanks to Mayfair’s Hedonism Wines. The cocktail menu goes through seasonal updates, and as such, you can find anything from Panacea, the Golden Apple, Rutte Old Simon Genever whisky, and Toast pale ale. It has a delectable menu of bar snacks that provides a taste of the upstairs menu.

We hope this list packed a punch, and you can’t wait to see these places.

The Empire Casino

12 Apr 2021

While casino gaming in London is not as rampant as it is in Las Vegas, it is one of the best pastimes. Whether you are looking to win money or have fun, you can't go wrong with London's biggest land-based casino, the Empire Casino, which measures 55,000 square feet.

Britain's Top Museums Located in London

7 Mar 2021

London is a dream city for any tourist, myself included. While there are so many things to do and see here, visiting museums is one of them. Some of the most famous museums in this city include the Natural History Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, and British Museum.

Cinemas in London

15 Feb 2021

When it comes to cinema entertainment, very few cities in this world come close to London. Visiting London but don't know where to catch your favorite movie? You can choose to enjoy your time at Shakespeare's Globe, Young Vic, Sadler's Wells, National Theatre, Barbican, and London Coliseum, among many other cinemas.